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Expert Insights & Tactics for Influencer Marketing Success

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Influencers hold more power than we realize.

Many brands are just beginning to understand the transformative impact of influencers. As more creators gain the loyalty of your target audience, the opportunities have never been more promising. Hear from industry experts as they share the state of influencer marketing and show you strategies you can implement in your business.

Influencer landscape discussions


In this opening session, our emcee Sarah Corley sets the stage for the day’s discussions and introduces our speakers.

Sarah Corley

Senior Marketing Campaign Strategist, Sprout Social

Are We Really in Our De-influencing Era?

This is a must-watch for marketers eager to stay at the forefront of digital culture and the influencer landscape. We discuss the state of the industry, influencer trends and what’s next.

Taylor Lorenz

Tech Journalist, The Washington Post

Bianca Ker

Senior Director, Influencer Marketing, Sprout Social

Beyond the Post: How Influencers Evolved from Creators to Collaborators

In this unfiltered conversation, we discuss the influencer world and how brands are moving from one-off influencer activations into long-term strategic partnerships.

Santina Rizzi

Creator and Social Media Manager

Renee Samms

Principal Strategic Services Consultant, Sprout Social

Connecting Meaningfully: Crafting Influencer Strategies for Lasting Impact

Discover the importance of crafting inclusive influencer activations, best practices for brainstorming and implementing impactful creative strategies and influencer faux pas to avoid.

Jayde Powell

Content Creator and Marketer

Nathan Jun Poekert

CMO Advisor, JUN

Hidden in Plain View: How to Find the Right Influencers

Learn the influencer content consumers crave, the future of brand-influencer partnerships and how to find the right influencers for your brand using Tagger by Sprout Social.

Matilda Schieren

Senior Content Manager, Sprout Social

Greg Scavuzzo

Director of Professional Services, Sprout Social

Industry sessions

Leading the Charge: Influencer Strategies for B2C

Find out what it takes to stand out in today’s landscape from industry vet, Elfried Samba. See how he redefined the relationship between influencers and grew Gymshark’s fitness community from 1.5 million to 20 million.

Elfried Samba

CEO & Co-founder, Butterfly 3ffect | Ex-Gymshark Head of Social

Breaking Barriers: Influencer Strategies for B2B

A niche target audience isn’t a detriment to your strategy—it can be an advantage. Join Brianna Doe, host of Stop the Scroll: The B2B Influencer Marketing Podcast, as she shares what you need to know about running influencer marketing strategies in the B2B space.

Brianna Doe

Managing Partner, Verbatim

Connecting Communities: Influencer Strategies for Higher Ed & Nonprofits

A well-executed influencer marketing strategy can give donors and students a look at what it’s like to engage with an organization. Learn how to identify and connect with influencers who can grow your institution’s community through authentic storytelling.

Patricia Camerota

Social Media Consultant

Brianna Blackburn

Manager of Social Media Brand Strategy, Bowling Green State University